Ancient artefacts, part II

If you made it past my first Ancient Artefacts post, congratulations!  It was sort of long, wasn’t it?  This one probably will be too.  This is just the rest of my planned catch-up from the year after my time in England (so October 2013-present).  I wasn’t distracted by work in this time so I got to try out a lot of designs, many of which I am now showing here.  Be warned, this one is really pic-heavy too!

When I first got back home from my adventures in England, I decided to make myself a dedicated nail room.  By the time I had gotten everything organized, it was almost Halloween!  So I let the encroaching holiday be my theme.  Thus, blood splatter nails!  And a few days later, candy corn!

blood-splatter-nails    candy-corn-nails

November and December didn’t really see all that much nail art either.  Some fall-colored waterfall nails, Doctor Who nails for the 50th (which did NOT turn out well at all and so are not pictured), some Hobbit-themed nails for the Desolation of Smaug premier, and two sets of Christmas nails (my sister wanted me to paint her a fake set).  Completely skipped out on my birthday and New Years to take a trip up to Georgia for some hunting!  Yes, I hunt.  But no, I did not kill Bambi’s mom.



Santa-and-Rudolf-Christmas-nails    Skittle-Christmas-nails

Sometime in January I did some Deadpool nails because I love Deadpool.  And then in February I did Valentine’s nails, of course.  Those were inspired by this post by The Nailasaurus (she seriously has amazing manicures).  March brought St Paddy’s nails, my first successful attempt at a watermarble.  Plus a few other random manicures between the two months (the cheese ones thanks to a tutorial by ChristabellNails).

        Deadpool-nails    heartbeat-nails

St-Paddys-nails    teal-braid-nails    red-matte-nails

      cheese-nails    peach-mint-reverse-gradient    purple-grey-tape-mani

And then Easter!  I actually liked how these turned out.  The basket and chick not so much, but the eggs and bunny look good, I think.  My grandma liked them anyway.  And grandparents never lie to spare your feelings.  No seriously, my grandma is ruthless.  I also did a pastel gradient/ombre (considering it’s a sideways gradient that stretches over all the nails, is it a gradient or an ombre or both?) a few days before that.  Also, gingham!  I loved how these turned out, so much so that I actually used a gel top coat to keep them for more than the typical two days for me.  I also painted my toenails to look like pigs but there’s no way I’m posting a picture of my toes, no matter how cute the idea of piggies on my piggies is.


Easter-nails    gingham-nails

And to top this massive post off, May 4th came around again by the time I started this blog, so Star Wars nails happened again.  Some of them turned out good, but others were really bad (Ewok, anyone?).   I did like the overall effect more than last year’s though.


And that’s it!  Hopefully I’ll never have such large posts again, but I found this semi-chronological 2-parter to be easier than a million little posts.  I hope you guys like at least one design here!



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