To Boldly Go

This is it, my first real post!  Considering the name of my blog, I thought it only appropriate to start things off with Star Trek nail art.  Granted, it’s been done before, but oh well.  I personally like the torso look for fandom nail art.  So I’ve got uniforms for a typical landing party:  Captain Kirk in the middle, flanked by Spock and Bones in their science blues, and the obligatory doomed red shirts.  And bonus!  Since color accuracy isn’t terribly important for this post, I put the first picture through the ‘1960s’ filter on Picasa.  Just for that truly authentic feel.


Star-Trek-2014-1960s filter


And then I mattified it!  I really do like the matte better (I liked it better with my first Star Trek nails too).


Not a complicated design, but I think it turned out alright.  If anyone is out there, what do you think?

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