Fern: The Musical…featuring fern nail art

Yeah, you read that right.  I live in the ‘Fern Capital of the World,’ and my youngest sister was in a student-written show called Fern: The Musical last night (and the night before last).  I’m not a huge fan of high school student productions–despite the great message that this one was sending about the issue of racism–but I went anyway to support her.  And since I had time before we left the house, I painted my nails for the occasion.  Just a quick little fern (I like to think it’s leatherleaf) on each of my ring fingers, topped with a matte coat.  I love this neutral color, btw.  It’s much prettier on its own than I was expecting!  And it’s called Go With the Flow-er, by Flower.  So a fern and a Flower! (heh, I’m so corny)


And a quick phone snapshot from the next day of the right hand.  I decided that the fern on this one looks better–more like actual leatherleaf–even though Seche Vite smeared both.


Nice and easy, and a tribute both to my hometown and my sister’s show.  🙂 So what do you guys think?

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