Orange and teal reverse half moons

Okay, I’m not too sure that these should be called ‘reverse half moons’ since that’s what some people just call the half moon manicure, but it was either that or ‘half moon tips’ and I didn’t like the sound of that as much.  I’m not great with terminology anyway, so I think any error is forgivable.

Anyway, moving on…this one is a little bright, even for me.  I love nails that stand out just as much as I love neutral and muted colors, but I usually use glitter, not blindingly bright colors.  But I saw this unused almost neon orange sitting on my shelf and thought it might be fun to use, since it’s practically summer already. Not that it isn’t practically summer all the time in Florida.  That was just an excuse.  The orange was a lot to look at on its own though, so I decided to add another color.  I was going to go with blue, but that’s a bit too Florida Gator-ish for a summer look.  Teal is my second favorite nail color though, so it got picked.  My good camera didn’t capture the colors as accurately as I would have liked, but the combination still looks okay.


And then, because of my current–weird–need to mattify everything right now, I added an OPI matte top coat.  The matte also made it hurt my eyes a little less, which was a plus.  I really don’t know why I’ve gotten back into the matte top coats, but I’m glad I have.  They do tend to make a lot of my manis look better.

orange-and-teal-reverse-half-moon-2And here’s a phone snapshot I took a second ago, just because it somehow has better (but still not great) color accuracy.  Especially for the teal.  It looks closer to turquoise in the other photos.  It’s still quite a bit darker in person, but oh well.


All in all, not my personal best–or personal preference, for that matter–but it’s a nice deviation from my typical colors and combinations.  I might even come back to this combo at some point to do some nail art of a little higher quality.  Who knows?

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