Memorial Day tape mani

A little late in the day to be posting these, but here are the nails that I painted for Memorial Day.  Red, white, and blue, obviously.  A little play on the stars and stripes, without the stars since they can be a pain to paint.  This is still a little messy considering it’s a tape mani, but that’s no surprise.  I love the look of taped designs in general, but I can’t seem to get them quite right.  And when I do come close, it’s because I took hours to lay out the tape.  I still like this design though.  Certainly is one of my better taped manis, I think (although the gingham ones (found near the bottom of this post) are still my favorite).



And I of course tried out a matte top coat.  But for once I wasn’t particularly fond of the result, so I didn’t go past that one nail.  It didn’t look bad (how could a matte nail ever look bad?), but the colors on the glossy nails just looked more vibrant, which was better in this case.



I really like this half-and-half sort of look too.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a design where a nail is half solid and half patterned.  I’m definitely going to have to try that again with a different pattern.



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