Purple ombre — SIMPLES week 3

Very recently I joined a Facebook group called ‘SIMPLES – Nail Art from Muggle to Mastery,’ run by Debbie over at The Crumpet (one of the very first nail blogs I started following back in 2012), where she gives lessons on basic nail techniques and lets us show off our own attempts.  I’m not even going to lie, it was the ‘muggle to mastery’ tagline that got me to send a request to join the group.  Because who can resist a Harry Potter reference, especially when it’s connected to nail polish?  Anyway, I joined a bit too late to be able to participate in weeks 1 and 2, but this week I jumped to post something.  And lucky me!  It’s something I’ve never done before!

In one of my earliest posts I labeled a rainbow pastel gradient as an ombre, which was wrong (although I did admit in the post that I could have been using that label incorrectly).  This, however, is actually an ombre.  (Debbie gives an in-depth explanation, with examples, on her SIMPLES blog post for this week)

I started off by trying to use a single color and diluting it with white for each nail, which is apparently the traditional way of doing an ombre manicure.

As you can see from the picture, it didn’t go so well for me.  The colors that I mixed were okay on there own and where actually a fairly good representation of a monochromatic scale, but they were very streaky when applied to the nail.  I was just plain disappointed and so abandoned that attempt.

The second try was much better.  I started with three polishes instead  of one (Kleancolor Love Affair, Neon Purple, and Pastel Purple), and just mixed them instead of adding white.  The difference in the shades wasn’t as good here, but the color choice was, in my opinion, much better.  I was actually really happy with this.



And guess what made the entire look even better?  That’s right, a matte top coat.



I don’t know if I’ll ever voluntarily do an ombre manicure again because it was kind of a pain without five pre-made shades (and tones) of the same color, but I do really like this look.  And I think that I’m really going to enjoy learning basic techniques with the SIMPLES group that I just sort of skipped over when I first got into doing my nails.  From what I understand, it’s alright to go back and redo manis based on the lessons of previous weeks, so if I get a chance, I might go make up the two techniques I missed.  And I’m really excited, because weeks 5 through 8 are supposed to be various dotting techniques!  I’m so looking forward to this!

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