NerdLacquers! Nebula and Argentum

Ok, I am so freaking excited about these two polishes!  NerdLacquer was probably the first indie brand that I discovered where I sort of said to myself ‘I NEED that’ about every single polish listed.  But–and this is a HUGE ‘but’–by the time I had discovered the brand, Amanda had pretty much disappeared and her polishes were all sold out.  There are so many people wishing for the return of NerdLacquer, but in the meantime the only way to really get them is getting lucky with destashing sales or paying $30+ for the ones that appear on eBay.  Well, as much as I wanted to try a NerdLacquer, I sure as heck was NOT going to pay $30…for a single polish, anyway.  But for two?  Eh, I could swing that.

So when three NerdLacquers appeared at auction on eBay starting at $0.99 each, I watched them like a hawk for days and got into bidding wars in the last few minutes of the auctions.  When the dust settled, I was the proud owner of two slightly used NerdLacquer polishes.  I missed out on Event Horizon, but I am thrilled to now have Nebula and Argentum in my polish collection.  And even if people think I’m crazy, I think they were worth it.

Nebula was the first one I tried, and to be completely honest, I was a bit iffy when I was deciding whether or not to bid on this one.  But I am so glad that I did because it is fantastic!  It’s a burgundy jelly base with way too many glitters for a sound off (special nod to the dominating holo glitters though), plus the rare hex.  Despite the jelly base, it really only needed two coats, although I used three anyway because I’m not a fan of visible nail lines.

Anyway, I’m not so good at describing things, so I’ll let the polish do the talking:



I mean seriously, look at this.  It still shines in my poorly lit nail room!



Still, as much as I ended up loving Nebula, Argentum was the polish that I went into those auctions determined to win.  It is gorgeous!  It has a silver foil base, and is chock full of silver glitters and small hexes, with the occasional large silver hex.  This one was opaque at three coats for me, but I went and did a fourth one anyway.




Again in the poor lighting!  Still so shiny!

NerdLacquer-Argentum-4 And guys, I have never had a nail polish hold up so well for me.  I don’t know if that can purely be attributed to Argentum, or if it’s my cheap Revlon base coat or Seche Vite top coat (the latter being very unlikely), but this polish had serious staying power.  As in, I had forgotten that I had told my grandmother I’d help her some gardening and the day after I put this polish on, I did some serious digging in the dirt without gloves (I hate gloves).  Four hours of spreading out mulch and reaching deep into the ground to get those annoying weed roots, and the only chip in my Argentum armor was on my right thumb nail.  God, I have had polishes chip after washing my hands once, so I am beyond impressed by this.  And still it continues to shine!

20140604_124231So do I regret spending $30 on two used bottles of nail polish?  Absolutely not.  I LOVE these polishes and truly wish that I could get my hands on some more NerdLacquers without breaking the bank.  Heck, for the right color I may be willing to not only break the bank, but rob a few too!

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