SquareHue Passport Collection: Rio

I won my first giveaway ever not too long ago over at Coffee for Mom, and it happened to be May’s SquareHue box!  I’ve always avoided subscription boxes (too many to choose from!), so I was really excited to have won something that I normally wouldn’t get.  And the box is comprised of three great colors!  I couldn’t believe that I actually liked all of them!

SquareHue Rio box-1  SquareHue Rio box-2

The first one I tried was Leblon, a pretty green shimmer.  Leblon was my least favorite of the three, but only because of the two polishes it was up against.  It’s still the best looking green I own though.  It only took two coats to reach complete opaqueness.

SquareHue Leblon-2

SquareHue Leblon-3

SquareHue Leblon-1

Then I tried Copacabana.  I expected this one to stand out, but dang did it surpass expectations.  It’s a glitter polish, with small blue glitters and silver holos set in a blue tinted base.  It took a bit of buildup for it to reach a good coverage of glitter (2 regular coats, 1 heavy dab coat, another regular coat), but that came as no surprise since it’s such a thin polish.  These pictures absolutely do not do this polish justice, by the way.  My camera refused to capture the shine of the holos, which is a real shame because they sparkled like crazy in the sunlight.  This one was definitely my favorite and I made sure to put it back on my nails after I was done testing out the last polish and working on my SIMPLES mani for this week.




Ipanema is the final polish, and it’s a yellow microglitter that took three coats to be mostly opaque (I could still see VNL but that’s only because I was looking for it).  Looking at it in the bottle, I expected it to be my favorite.  Copacabana unfortunately knocked it down a peg, but it is still a beautiful polish.  Again, it beats out the other polishes that I own in this color range.  I like that it’s more of a mustardy yellow, rather than a neon or lemony yellow.





After trying out these three polishes, I’m wondering if it might be worth it to actually take out a subscription with SquareHue.  I really did like these polishes, and had no trouble at all with application.  And it’s great that SquareHue donates a portion of the subscription proceeds to various organizations around the world.  If you’re going to spend money on a polish subscription box, why not make it one that gives a little back?

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