Make-up assignments-SIMPLES weeks 1 and 2

Well, I’ve been avoiding painting my nails for a few days because my cuticles were torn all to hell, but they’re somewhat better now and I decided to try out a Zoya that I got in a blog sale a while back.  It’s called Zuza and I am definitely glad I bought it.  Is that any surprise, considering it’s a shimmery teal?



This is where things started going all over the place.  Once I got this frankly beautiful polish on my nails, I remembered that I had intended to use the one-week break we’ve got from SIMPLES to play catch-up.  In an attempt to not mess too much with Zuza, I decided that to fulfill the accent nail assignment I’d just do a stamp on my ring finger.  I tried to make it subtle by using another teal for the stamping polish, and I really liked the result.  It’s pretty hard to see unless you’re looking for it, but it’s really visible in the sun (even if it didn’t show so well in the photos).




At this point, I wanted to continue playing catch-up, but didn’t know what the last mani I needed to do was.  So I went to look it up and–oh God–week 2 was supposed to be a skittle mani.  I was going to have to compromise my Zuza nails to do this one, but if I bent the rules a little I could make it work.  Since I had already done that for the accent nail (it was supposed to be a plain accent), I figured it couldn’t hurt to do a nail art skittle of my choosing instead of a plain one.  And thus was born a Little Mermaid/under the sea mani!



I was really worried that the patterns and everything would outshine Zuza, but I am incredibly pleased with this mani.  Increasingly, it seems to be the simple looks that I’m happiest with, and although this certainly isn’t the simplest I’ve ever done, it was extraordinarily easy to do.  The pinky was Sinful Colors Green Ocean over the Zoya Zuza, which surprisingly seems to shine better in semi-darkness than in direct light (weird, right?).  The ring finger is the same accent nail from before, but I took a striping brush and did another layer of that teal just to make it less subtle.  The middle finger is the only successful overt Little Mermaid reference, in the form of Ursula’s tentacles, and the index finger is meant to look sort of like scales .  The thumb is a simple little underwater scene, and even if it was too small to work, I did try to make the nautilus shell that Ursula uses to capture Ariel’s voice.  And I even incorporated the SIMPLES lesson from week 4 by using Saran Wrap to add a little blue over Zuza to make it seem watery!  I also used the Saran to add a little texture to the rock, but you can’t even see it in this picture. :/


This mani really turned out so much better than I expected, considering it sort of evolved in stages instead of being planned out from the beginning.  I appreciate the use of the Saran Wrap in this look much more than in last week’s SIMPLES look, but my favorite part of this is the dotted ‘scales.’  And I finally got the try out not only Zoya Zuza, but also Sinful Colors Green Ocean, so all-in-all I call this a win!

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