31 Day Challenge, Day 1-Red nails

The 31 Day Challenge begins for me today, and that means the challenge is red nails.  I decided to just throw myself into it from the start.  I probably should have taken it easy for the first few days, but where’s the fun in that? So in full nerdy fashion…

Look out!  Here comes the Spiderman.

31DC-Day-1-Spiderman nails-3

31DC-Day-1-Spiderman nails-1

31DC-Day-1-Spiderman nails-5

31DC-Day-1-Spiderman nails-2

Overall, I like how this turned out.  I’m not too happy with my choice of silver lines on the mask, but I think it still looks good.  Seriously though, this nearly became an ordeal.  I sat down with a plan to do these Spiderman nails and realized that even in my over preparation for this challenge, I somehow forgot to buy myself a decent red.  I went out and bought a whole bunch of stuff–including half a dozen polishes–but I failed to prepare for Day 1?!  Ugh, I was disgusted with myself, but settled for using a Kleancolor red anyway.  And it actually ended up working, so yay for that stroke of luck.

I am better prepared for the rest of the challenges though, so bring on Day 2!


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