31 Day Challenge, Day 2-Orange nails

Despite my growing fondness for bright nail polishes, I don’t have a wide selection of orange polishes at my disposal.  There is one, however, that is absolutely one of my favorite polishes and I chose to use it for today’s challenge.  The polish is LynBDesigns ‘Am I Ginger?’ and it is a stunning holographic orange jelly.  Just look at it!





From the first time I put this polish on my nails I thought it would be perfect for butterfly nail art, but I didn’t want any design to take away from the polish itself.  Well, this challenge finally prompted me to try out these butterflies, and I think that the effect is pretty.  Done many times before, but still pretty.


31DC-Day-2-butterfly-nails-6Unfortunately, you can see from these photos that the Oncoming Storm (and by that, I mean tropical storm Arthur) has made for a cloudy day.  These next few shots aren’t the best ever, but I just wanted to try and catch the holo effect with the butterfly nail art on top.




I really like these, and am glad that I finally tried them out.  Not sure that I’ll ever do them again though, at least with this base color.  I don’t think I could cover Am I Ginger? like that again.

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