31 Day Challenge, Day 5-Blue nails

I was actually looking forward to today’s mani because I love blue.  In person the nail art I did is nice and I really like it, but it did not translate well into photos.  I just could not seem to take color-accurate photographs, which is a shame because the colors stand out against each other much more than can be seen here.  The colors used in this look are Kleancolor Pastel Blue, Essie Avenue Maintain, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and a mix of Essie Aruba Blue and Kleancolor Cobalt.  There is also the fact that my OPI matte top coat apparently has white flakes in it, which transferred to two of my nails (one rather heavily).  This all makes for poor photos, but I still consider this look a success because it does look very pretty in person.




I would also like to mention that this was inspired by nail art that I found on Pinterest.  The picture’s link was broken, but after searching Miss Ladyfinger‘s site, I found the post here if you want to see it.  Her version is gorgeous–obviously, that’s what made me like it–but it was based on a dress with ruffles, which makes the last remaining vestiges of my tomboy nature cringe.  So that’s why I said my mani was inspired by hers, rather than an attempt to recreate it.  I obviously changed the color scheme to blue and switched the gradient direction, but I also tried to make mine look more like zigzags than ruffles (meaning I made mine a bit more angular).

And that wraps up Day 5 for me.  We got a new SIMPLES assignment earlier today, so tomorrow might be another double post!

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