Double post! 31 Day Challenge, Day 6-Violet Nails and SIMPLES week 7-Multi Colored Dots

Well this was a fun one!  For the first time in days I am completely happy with my challenge mani!  Yesterday was good, but today is definitely better.  I scrapped my original idea today (a flower accent nail) in favor of a running gradient accent.  I started off following this tutorial by Katy at Nailed It, but made mine a bit messier and mixed my purples more to create a more subtle gradient.  And like with yesterday’s example, I flipped the gradient too.  I have to say, I very much love how this turned out.  And it was so easy!  It took longer laying out my base color (Essie Limo-scene) then it did making the gradient, which is made with Zoya Belinda and Kleancolor Neon Purple.  The Kleancolor was also used on the other nails.


31DC-Day-6-waterfall-gradient-1And just when I thought I couldn’t like it any more…I added a matte top coat.




31DC-Day-6-waterfall-gradient-5I truly cannot believe how happy I am that a normal, non-nerdy attempt at nail art turned out so great!

And since I was a little pressed for time, I decided to carry the color scheme over to my SIMPLES work this week.  Debbie’s lesson this week was on multi-colored dots (tutorial is on this post), and I got really excited after seeing her example.  Multiple colors of dots are obviously something I’ve done before, but I just never get tired of them (even if the process itself can sometime be tedious).

I kept my Kleancolor Neon Purple, removed my gradient nail in favor of a China Glaze Four Leaf Clover base color, and added dots of these two colors, as well as Essie Fiesta and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  My bases were mattified, but I left my dots shiny.  I think I like the effect.



Multi-colored-dotticure-3Color quality is not the best here (rainy day rolled in yet again), but it still looks cheerful.  It really is much brighter in person though.  I really wish that these overcast days would go away for a while so I could take some better photographs.

Anyway, tomorrow’s challenge is black and white nails!  I found a tutorial a few weeks ago that I want to try, so it should be interesting to see how it turns out!

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