31 Day Challenge, Day 7-Black and white nails

Hello all!  Despite having a massive headache, I am in a pretty dang good mood right now!  Know why?  It hasn’t rained today!  It wasn’t sunny either, but I’ll take what I can get. 😀

Even the not-quite-success of my nail art today has failed to bring me down!  Like I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s post, I wanted to try out a tutorial that I had found a few weeks ago, on how to do quatrefoil nails.  Well, I actually made a pretty good attempt at it.  I used Essie Blanc as my base white, then Kleancolor Black and China Glaze White On White for the dots.




I think the orderliness of the dots is what got me though.  Messy dots I can do, orderly dots I struggle with.  Surprisingly it was the first finger I tried (my index) that turned out the best.


Looking at the overall effect at a distance looks really cool though, even if the details are not my best.  I think that if I practiced with my dotting tools a bit more, I’d really be able to pull this mani off.  So I will be trying this one again at some point!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow though.  The theme is metallic nails, and I have a nerdy one planned!

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