31 Day Challenge, Day 8-Metallic nails



Heh, I am such a dork.  But I’m a dork who loves Doctor Who!  And so there wasn’t even any thought involved when the metallic theme came up.  I had to have Daleks on my nails today.  Only, I don’t have a gold/bronze polish that actually qualifies as metallic (and didn’t want to buy one), so I sort of stretched the rules of the challenge a bit.  I used a 365 Days of Color polish called The Locket (from the Horcrux collection), which is more of a shimmer to me than a metallic.  But the Daleks themselves are metal and the nail art looks metallic, so I say I’m good.  And since I’m the only one judging this challenge, what I say goes.  Also used in this nail art were Kleancolor Black, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Kleancolor Pastel Blue, and some random Pure Ice gold that seemingly has no name.




So how awesome do these look?  I love them!  They look so good and are so easy that I am seriously considering redoing these for my friend’s Doctor Who wedding in September, even though the rest of my outfit is TARDIS themed.  Although, maybe I can try to recreate the Cybermen vs Dalek nail art seen on Adventures in Acetone.  Because the Dalek/Cybermen burn fest from Doomsday is one of my favorite Dalek scenes EVER.  If you haven’t seen it, then here you go:

I loved the Daleks (as enemies!) before, but this scene cemented them as the best enemy ever in my mind.  They can be so sassy for hateful monsters!  And rewatching this episode may have sparked the original desire for a Dalek mani…and made me cry from all the feels.  So although they irritate me with their annoying voices and make me angry because they never die, who or what could possibly be a better adversary for the Doctor?  If you say the Master, I will reach through this computer screen and smack you.  Lovingly, of course.  

Anyway, long story short, I love Daleks, I love my Dalek mani, and tomorrow will be rainbow nails!

And so I leave you with this:

But not really.

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