31 Day Challenge, Day 9-Rainbow nails

Okay, let me start this off by saying that today’s nail art was a pain, even though I only did an accent nail.  But now with that complaint out of the way…these are pretty cool.  Or rather, the accent nail is pretty cool.  I thought about doing dots or stripes or a gradient, but I ultimately decided on Tetris themed nails.  I have yet to do nail art based on a video game (weird), so I thought it could be a good idea.  And once more I am happy with another risk taken during this challenge.




You can see that I had a little bit of trouble with color coverage on the blocks, as well as with marking out the individual blocks themselves.  If I stop being overly critical though, this mani did turn out well.  I like it.  The colors used, by the way, were Sinful Colors Exotic Green, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Essie Russian Roulette, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, Kleancolor Tangerine Burst, Kleancolor Neon Purple, Kleancolor Black, and black and white Sally Hansen stripers.  I think that’s enough colors to count as rainbow nails, right?

Tomorrow will put me about a third of the way through the challenge and will bring the ‘colors’ section of the challenge to an end with gradient nails.

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