31 Day Challenge, day 11-Polka dots

Since I have been doing dots so often lately, I thought it would be good practice to let today just be a skittle of different dot nail art.  As well-intentioned as that idea was…this turned into an explosion of awful.  I started off with spiraling dots over a base of Dandy Nails Look Around, but instead of using contrasting colors like I should have for the spirals, I chose two similar colors with different finishes (LynBDesigns Mauve and Dangerous and Milani Hi-Res).  I thought that maybe the similar colors might look interesting, but no.  I did not like the results at all.



At this point I paused and questioned whether it would be worth it to continue and decided that it was.  Wrong choice.  I followed this failure with another attempt at quatrefoil, which does not work with holos (or these particular holos anyway).  After that I was determined to just stick with normal dots, so the large orderly dots and the small random ones finished off the skittle and made the whole look somewhat okay.


As much as I dislike this overall look, it was still my original challenge attempt for today, and I feel that I should post my failures as well as my successes (green nails, anyone?).  That being said, I was very unhappy and so decided to do a quick second attempt, this time sticking with something I knew I could do.  So, more mixed random dots!




Much better, right?  If the first attempt at today’s challenge hadn’t been such a learning experience, I would say that I wish that I would have just done this from the very beginning.

Tomorrow I am going back to my nerdy roots though.  I find it funny, actually, that there is apparently a challenge going on (on the Challlenge Your Nail Art group), where they are leading up to Embrace Your Geekness Day on the 13th with four days of geeky nail art themes.  I definitely would have joined if I had known about it!  Yesterday was fandoms (my Dalek nails would have worked!) and today was video games (Tetris nails from Day 9).  But even though I’m not following their challenge themes, I thought I would get into the spirit of things and do a nerdy angle on tomorrow’s stripes challenge!

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