Double post! Embracing My Geekness Vulcan style and 31 Day Challenge, Day 13-Animal print

Hello everybody!  I was all over the place planning my nails for Embrace Your Geekness Day.  I switched mostly between Avengers and Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time) before going in a completely different direction, heading back toward the nerdy foundation of this blog: Star Trek.  I was tempted to just try my hand at the uniforms again to improve on the last attempt, but thought that was taking the easy road.  So, Spock theme it was!

Yeah, I maybe didn’t think that all the way through until it was too late to turn back.  The uniform nails were easy enough, but the salute and the head…not so much.  But I got them done in the end.  And they even look pretty dang good!  I am actually really proud of them.  The fact that I put a lot of work into them makes them seem that much better, in my mind.  These are my favorite Star Trek nails so far, without a doubt.




I used Kleancolor Pastel Blue with Essie Bikini So Teeny layered on top for the background color, which I think is relatively close to the smoky light blue of the TOS science blues (it’s darker in person than in the photos).  Then Barry M Lychee for the flesh tones, Kleancolor Black for the black details, and a mixture of Kleancolor Silver Spark and a (nameless) Pure Ice gold for the insignia and sleeve details.

Fun little personal fact: I could do the Vulcan salute before I ever knew what Star Trek was.  It was our ‘quiet sign’ in first grade, so a bunch of six and seven year old kids were forced to use it on a daily basis to prompt all of our classmates to be quiet.  Kind of cool looking back on it now. 😀


In contrast to the Spock nails, the 31 Day Challenge was relatively easy today.  Animal print really is not my thing and I’ve never done it before, so I was scared that it would look bad.  But I was very pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  It didn’t translate as well in the photos, but this mani is so cute in person!  I used Kleancolor Black and my OPI matte top coat to create the black/matte nails, and mixed Barry M Lychee, a dab of Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, and an even smaller dab of Zoya Louise for the base color of the accent nail, with Louise and the Kleancolor Black for the spots.





The matte spots are my favorite part, but even the accent nail looks really good in my opinion.  My youngest sister even kept saying that she liked this look, and usually I only get noncommittal grunts and nods from her!


Today was just a good day overall for me.  I honestly cannot believe that I like both of these looks so much.  It seems inconceivable to have created two great manis in one day, especially since yesterday’s was pretty good too.  I feel like I’m using up all of my good luck in one go. 😛

Next up in the challenge is flowers, and I am not looking forward to it.  As with the animal print, flowers are something I’ve never done because I don’t like them.  Some people can pull them off, and I just feel that I am not one of them.  So I don’t have very high expectations for tomorrow.  But who knows?  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised again.

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