31 Day Challenge, Day 16-Tribal nails

Ugh, tribal nails.  I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about them that I just do not like.  So this was yet another day that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to, even if it did make me try something new.  But even in the spirit of trying something new, I didn’t want to go crazy with the patterns because even though a lot of people can pull that look off, I don’t think that I could be one of them.  Boils down to personal preference (bright colors + a crazy mix of patterns per individual nail = no).  So I kept things simple today, only making one somewhat more intricate nail at the urging of my youngest sister.




This turned out to be relatively pretty though, which surprised me.  I think the color choices have something to do with it, but the simplicity might also be a factor.  The ring finger is my favorite of the two, after all.  I like the step  pyramid thing on the ring finger too.  It looks a bit better than the other one, in my opinion.

I used No7 Peachy Keen and Essie In the Cab-ana, plus black and white Sally Hansen I ❤ Nail Art stripers.  Everything was freehand, no shortcuts for me today.  I was a little worried about how Peachy Keen and In the Cab-ana would look together, but it turned out to be a great combination, especially for tribal nails.  Not entirely sure that the combination would have worked with other styles of nail art, but it definitely looks good here.

Despite how well these turned out, however, I probably will not be making another attempt at tribal nails in the near future, unless for some reason I decide to take a slightly different route out take inspiration from tribal tattoos instead (which I did seriously consider for today).  Tomorrow, though, is a theme that I incorporate into my manis quite often: glitter.  I should have much more fun with that theme!

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