31 Day Challenge, Day 17-Glitter

Today is the glitter day!  I love glitter.  It’s a great easy way to spice up an otherwise boring mani, and even if it is a real pain to remove, it’s completely worth it.

Now, because I have never tried it before, I decided that the glitter day would be given to a jelly sandwich.  It was fun trying it out for the first time, and I had much fewer issues than I anticipated.  Not that it sounded particularly difficult, but sometimes I can make the simplest things ridiculously hard.




Very pretty, right?  A bit of visible nail line, but it oddly doesn’t bother me here.  I made this jelly sandwich with LynBDesigns Sacre Blurple and one of my favorite but seldom used glitters, 365 Days of Color’s The Diadem.  You unfortunately can’t see the little blue glitters in The Diadem since I used a blue base color, but the gold and silver glitters still look nice.  I was happy with how this turned out.

But at the same time, I felt like I was taking the easy way out by not doing some sort of design.  So I also played around with a few new-to-me polishes that I recently acquired in a destash sale: Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint and Sand & Stilettos.  Mrs. Mint is a mint green with a slight gold shimmer (hard to see on the nail, in my opinion) and Sand & Stilettos is a clear base pretty densely packed with small holographic glitter.  I started off with just an accent finger to try out the glitter:




It was so shiny!  I mean, it looked shiny and sparkly in the bottle, but that sometimes doesn’t translate quite the same way on the nail.  But boy this one delivered.  I felt like I was committing an injustice by just having an accent of it, so I did a skittle mani too. (Prepare for photo overload.  I wanted to show off the shine.  First two are with flash, last three without.)






I am more than pleased with this look.  Such simple designs, but made completely brilliant by a gorgeous glitter!  I will without doubt be using these polishes again in the future.  And I consider all of today’s attempts successes, which makes me happy.

I have high hopes for tomorrow too.  The challenge will be half moons, and although I haven’t yet chosen between my two ideas, I fully intend to have fun with whichever one I end up trying. 😀

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