Double post! SIMPLES week 8-dots within dots, and 31 Day Challenge, Day 19-Galaxy nails

This week’s SIMPLES lesson (here) was on doing dots within dots to create a sort of ringed effect.  This is one type of dotting that I have never really been a fan of.  It has to be done just right in order to look good, and I just generally don’t like it.  My own attempt did not improve my feeling toward doing dots within dots.  I used ellagee On Wednesdays We Wear Pink and Dollish Polish Totes Magotes for this.





I think my original dot placement was not so great, and that might be the main reason that I dislike this nail art.  My ‘rings’ are actually pretty good though, which I’m pleased about.  There is one thing that I absolutely love about this mani though: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.  I recently won this polish (along with the rest of the I Have ESPN Box (Boo, You Whore! and That’s So Fetch)) in a giveaway hosted by I Feel Polished.  I hope to use Boo, You Whore! soon enough, and That’s So Fetch is actually used in my challenge mani today.  But for now, look at the shine on this polish!  This holo is amazing.

To show you just how amazing, here are a few matte nails.  I was curious to see if the holographic effect would show through a matte coat, and since I had this one my nails already I thought I would satisfy my curiosity.  The matte coat is on the pinky and middle fingers, and even though it obviously dulls the polish, the holo is still surprisingly strong.  I am very impressed.  I don’t know if all holos retain that beautiful rainbow through a matte coat, but I am curious to find out.  Just look at how pretty it still is!  I never thought I would get so excited over a pink nail polish.  By the way, I had to do a second because I smashed two of the nails, but this polish would have been suitably opaque in one coat, in my opinion.



But enough raving about my new amazing polish.  I still have to show off my challenge mani for the day.  So here are my galaxy nails!






Lovely, nerdy goodness!  Ignoring the scale issues of these ships, we have here the Doctor’s TARDIS, the Millenium Falcon, and the USS Enterprise.  I was originally going to include the Serenity as well, but even a silhouette of that ship is difficult (plus I received my ellagee polishes and wanted to use That’s So Fetch).  I am ridiculously pleased with this mani.  Last time I tried galaxy nails, they didn’t really look like galaxy nails.  I don’t particularly like my use of silver glitter as stars (it’s too dense), but the paint job underneath and the TARDIS, Millenium Falcon, and Enterprise more than make up for it.

I used a lot of polishes to make the galaxies, even if most aren’t clearly visible.  I started with Essie Midnight Cami as a base blue, the sponged on a Sally Hansen Lustre Shine called Firefly (to make up for the lack of Serenity!), China Glaze Gothic Lolita, China Glaze Gaga for Green, Essie Fiesta, and Pure Ice Hot Tamale.  Then if I didn’t like how it looked, I added more Firefly or Gothic Lolita.  I’m really happy about the decision to use Firefly, because it is a duochrome that adds a nice bit of shine.  The stars are Kleancolor Silver Glitter.

But now let us talk about ellagee That’s So Fetch.  I have to say up front that I dislike polishes with weird shapes in them.  This polish has stars and large circles and squares, and I was fully prepared to hate it.

Really though, what is with these ellagee polishes taking sucker punches?  That’s So Fetch turned out to be really pretty, and it is in fact the stars and lavender squares that turned out to be my favorites of the glitters packed into this polish (which also included small and large holo circles and some small hexes, as far as I can tell).  In my last photo there, it’s shown in one coat over Essie Midnight Cami, and in the other photos it’s two coats. The pictures really don’t do it justice though.

And I am going to stop myself here before I start fangirling and speaking in broken sentences.  Tomorrow’s challenge is watermarbling and I am praying I come out of the experience without stained skin.

[EDIT 8/16/2014  The full I Have ESPN collection was recently released, and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink was changed to a lighter pink.  My version of the color is in fact also called Hear Me Roar and pre-existed the I Have ESPN collection, which is why On Wednesdays We Wear Pink was changed.  My glitter polish also came with the label ‘That’s So Fetch,’ but the polish was officially released as So Fetch.  Just FYI if anyone was wondering why my color/info is different from other swatches and reviews.]

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