31 Day Challenge, Day 20-Watermarbled nails

Why do watermarbled nails have to look so pretty but be such a pain?  They can be so easy to do and turn out great, but the clean up makes it almost not worth it in the end.  Even using glue or tape is still annoying.  I would probably experiment a little more with this technique if it weren’t for that little issue.

Regardless, it was somewhat fun to try out today’s idea.  I thought about doing really bright nails for a summer look, but the polishes I picked out originally didn’t spread so well in the water.  So I switched tactics, went with a color combination that I love, and went for marbled tips instead.  I used Essie Blanc as a base white, and then my marbling colors were Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover.




With all the trouble I normally have with watermarbled nails, these were unexpected (to say the least).  I managed to get just enough of a design in the small space, and the colors stand out from each other well enough.  My only issue is the areas where my base white is clearly showing on the arch.  I tried to get rid of it, but each swipe of my brush just caused more to appear.  It still looks good, but I know for next time not to use a white base color.  I did try to cover the white with a blue line though, to neaten things up a bit.



Honestly, I think I like the original version better.  Live and learn, right?

Tomorrow starts the final third of the challenge, and it is being kicked off with a mani inspired by a color.


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