31 Day Challenge, Day 21-Inspired by a color

Wow, not only did  my original plans for today get massively derailed, I almost forgot to do a blog post!  Still managed to get it in on time though! 😀

I fully intended to go a little geeky and use the precious gems tutorial on Chalkboard nails to make green rupees from Legend of Zelda, but my family decided to drag me outside for a family pool day.  So in order to appease both my family and my challenge, I gathered up some supplies and did a simpler design while in the pool (which was still not easy!).

In the spirit of summer and laying out by the pool, I settled on doing nail art inspired by the classic green margarita.  I mixed China Glaze Gaga for Green and Bourjois Paris So Lacque Lime Catwalk to make a nice non-neon lime green, then stamped limes on my middle and pinky fingers with Essie Stylenomics.  And since margarita glasses are rimmed with salt, I added salt to the tips of my index and ring nails.  Yep, that’s actually salt.




Not bad for nail art done hanging over the side of the pool.  My stamps didn’t transfer so well, but I find myself not really caring all that much.  I think this mani is cute.  It looks much nicer than my lobster-red sunburn at least.  Less painful too.

Speaking of pain, tomorrow’s challenge is inspired by a song.  I already set my iTunes on shuffle to choose the song, and wow did it choose a good one!  Difficult, but good.

2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge, Day 21-Inspired by a color

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