31 Day Challenge, Day 22-Inspired by a song

I think I might have a good one today!  The challenge today was supposed to be inspired by a song, but I couldn’t pick one myself.  So, I opened up my iTunes, set it on shuffle and got extraordinarily lucky!  The first song to come up was the Transformers Theme (the one by Mute Math, from the first live action movie).  I could definitely work with that.

I ended up keeping things simple though, and only did the Autobot and Decepticon emblems.  Base color of Kleancolor Silver Spark, and the emblems themselves in Kleancolor Red and Love Affair.




These turned out surprisingly well, especially the Decepticon one!  I had a few issues with the Autobot one, particularly with the eyes, but I still think that it looks pretty good.  I am glad I went with a foil base color instead of black.  It adds a bit of metal to the Transformers theme, which is appropriate for ‘robots in disguise.’

Tomorrow’s mani will be inspired by a movie, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do yet.  Should be fun, right?

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