Double post! 31 Day Challenge, Day 28-Inspired by a flag and Lacquer Legion July theme-fandom

The best laid plans of mice and men…

Wow, I had some really nice nail art planned for today, and I just got completely derailed.  Just didn’t have the time to really put work into them since today is also a Lacquer Legion day, and so I took a shortcut with the temporary tattoo paper again.  That part actually turned out alright, but it was the flag that caused me problems.  As you can see from the photos, they are completely messy and I absolutely did not have the patience today to fix them.  My thumb nail had a pretty good rendition on it, but I accidentally smashed it before getting a decent photo and, again, didn’t have the patience to fix it.



And matte:



I don’t like how these turned out.  The idea was still a good one though.  I wanted to freehand a few British landmarks and have flag tips, but had to switch to the tattoo paper instead.  I had a long list of possible landmarks to use, but narrowed it down to Hadrian’s Wall, Stonehenge, the Tower Bridge, and Durham Cathedral.  A few of those aren’t really what people think of when they think of when they think of Britain (or England, rather, since the ones I ended up choosing are all in England), but I wanted to use two typical ones and two that mean more to me.  Durham Cathedral is pretty much a daily sight when you attend Durham University and my specific area of study is Hadrian’s Wall, so they both get a nod in this nail art.

I might try something like this again in the future, taking a bit more care to keep it from getting so messy.  I think something like this could work well for Fourth of July nails, or for another national holiday.

But now onto the challenge I was really interested in today: the Lacquer Legion’s fandom theme.  I had originally planned to do SuperWhoLock nails, but because of something that will be hinted at at the very end of this post, I dropped Supernatural and just went for WhoLock instead.  I am completely okay with that decision because it meant much less work. 😛

As you can (hopefully) see, for the Sherlock nails I went with John Watson wearing one of his jumpers and Sherlock Holmes with his purple shirt of sex, and recognizable scarf and coat.  For the Doctor Who nails I chose Nine and Rose.  The Ninth Doctor is my favorite (Eccleston was fantastic), but his wardrobe is essentially a jumper and a leather jacket, which is less to work with in a mani than the outfits of most other incarnations of the Doctor.  I couldn’t just not use him because of that though, and since I used Nine I just had to use Rose.  That wasn’t a bad thing for me though, because I love Rose.  Plus, one of Rose’s most recognizable outfits just so happens to include a Union Jack shirt, so I got to retry the flag again!  It was much better this time around, and it killed me to have to cover most of it with her black jacket.





I am so happy with how this nail art looks.  I think it depicts the characters (or their wardrobes) well, and the fact that it shows off two of my favorite fandoms is a bonus.  I really wish I would have included Supernatural too, but I’m not overly disappointed by the exclusion.  How can I be, when these turned out so well?

Surprisingly few polishes were used for this mani, by the way.  Skintones were all Barry M Lychee, and coats/jackets were all Kleancolor Black.  John’s jumper has the black as well, but was mostly made with Flower Go with the Flow-er and No7 Beanie.  I used LynBDesigns Purple Polish of Sex and Essie Aruba Blue for Sherlock’s shirt and scarf, and a mixture of Maybelline Color Show Moss and Bourjois Paris So Lacque Lime Catwalk for the Doctor’s jumper.  The Rose nail has Kleancolor Red, Essie Blanc, Kleancolor Coablt, and Pure Ice Jaguar.  Okay, maybe it is a long list after all.

After having both a disappointment and a complete success today, I am more determined to make sure that tomorrow’s mani turn out well.  The bad detail work in the flag mani is real motivation, so I will find time to freehand my details cleanly on my ‘inspired by the supernatural’ nails.  I think my love of nerdy nails and my references throughout this post make it pretty obvious which direction I’m going to go tomorrow, but the actual nail art will at least be a surprise!


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