31 Day Challenge, Day 31-Recreate your favorite challenge

I made it!  Day 31!  I am so excited that I managed to complete this challenge!  And I think I’m ending on a dang good note!

My favorite challenge was Day 8, metallic nails.  Meaning my Dalek nails.  I was going to just recreate the mani by making the weirdly colorful Daleks that were introduced in series 5 of Doctor Who, but then I remembered this amazing Dalek vs. Cybermen nail art by Jacki at Adventures in Acetone.  I once said that I might try to recreate that nail art as my mani for my friend’s Doctor Who wedding, but today was a much better reason to try it out.  Plus Doomsday was a great Dalek episode, so I like the idea of making nail art for it.

As with my Daleks last time, I used Pure Ice Jaguar, 365 Days of Color The Locket, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Kleancolor Pastel Blue, and Kleancolor Black.  My Cybermen are made with Kleancolor Silver Spark and Kleancolor Black, and the energy beams being shot are Essie Russian Roulette and Avenue Maintain.  My background color is the gorgeous ellagee polish called Void Stuff.  It’s part of the new Doctor Who themed ‘A Good Man Collection’ (I’ll be showing off my small number of purchases in a few days).




I love these!  I am so glad that I chose to recreate Day 8, because this is a wonderfully nerdy mani to end the 31 Day Challenge with.  My index and pinky fingers turned out really well, and I’m exceptionally pleased with the middle and ring fingers even if the details are sort of messy.  These are seriously so awesome!

And that is the end.  No more 31 Day Challenge.  Except…the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux challenge was also going on throughout July.  And since they give an extra five days for people to play catch-up I’m going to be trying to post as many of the 31 challenges as I can in the next  six days.  So keep an eye out for those!

One thought on “31 Day Challenge, Day 31-Recreate your favorite challenge

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