OMD2 challenge-Bright

Bright nails are something that I am starting to like more and more.  They don’t always look especially good with my sking tone, but I like them nonetheless.  And so when I saw that one of the OMD2 challenges was ‘bright,’ I wanted to make sure I did the prompt justice with truly bright nails.  I don’t own a whole lot of very bright polishes, so I went and bought my first bottle of FingerPaints (15 Minutes of Frame) and my first Orly (Glowstick) yesterday.

As for what I was going to do with them…well, I saw this post on Nailed It, which was inspired by this tutorial by My Simple Little Pleasures and wanted to try my hand at it.  So, here is my ‘blobbicure.’




This definitely looks like a lava lamp.  I love lava lamps, had a blue one when I was younger.  I didn’t place quite enough drops of Glowstick here, so they didn’t meet up as well as in either example from above, but I still really like this.  And it was another very easy process too!  Just place drops of polish on a still-wet base color and it spreads all on its own.  Very good for when you want to do nail art but don’t really have the time.

Next up is the complete opposite of bright.  The Day 4 challenge was dark, and I already have an idea of what I want to do.

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