OMD2 challenge-Favorite polish

This challenge was so much harder than I thought it would be!  I have many more ‘favorite’ polishes than I realized.  Almost all of them were holos (shocker), but there were a few glitters that ranked high on my list.  It didn’t take very long, though, to narrow it down to two polishes. Girly Bits D!ck in a Box and LynBDesigns Am I Ginger? were my top picks.  It still surprises me that I can love an orange polish so much that it ties for my top spot.  But there you have it.

Just choosing my favorite polishes didn’t help me complete the challenge though.  I am drawing blanks left and right for these OMD2 themes, so I just did a few dots for this challenge.





The dots were a pretty good choice, actually.  I like how this turned out, and am a fan of the simplicity of it.  And although I never would have thought to combine Am I Ginger? and D!ck in a Box outside of this challenge, they worked well together.


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