OMD2 challenge-Jelly

Well this was difficult.  I really had no clue what to do with this.  I knew which polishes I wanted to use, but not what to do with them.  So after a frustrating trip to Pinterest, I ended up trying to use my jellies to do a leopard print mani.





This is…interesting.  Yeah, interesting is a good word.  It’s somewhat strange, but I sort of like it.  Not saying I would ever try this particular nail art with this particular color combination ever again, but it’s one of those things that I’m glad I tried at least once.  I will stick to less wild colors for animal print in the future though.  The jellies I used are Essie Russian Roulette, Meet Me at Sunset, and LynBDesigns Sacre Blurple.

I have higher hopes for the next challenge, since I get to use my favorite polish!

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