OMD2 challenge-Ikat

When I saw the word ‘ikat’ on the OMD2 challenge list, I had no idea what it meant.  It sounds like a made up word, and I had to do some research before I could get started.  It was fairly easy to find out what ikat patterns look like, and it also seemed easy to do on my nails, especially with tutorials readily available.  Famous last words, right?  It is always the easiest processes that elude me.

Not that I think that this nail art came out bad.  I like it much more than I thought I would, since I don’t particularly like the pattern.




Considering how nice looking this turned out (despite some mishaps along the way), I might try this again sometime.  I really like the combination of the yellow and teal.  I think that those colors might be the reason that I am so happy with this nail art, although the design itself is also pretty good.  The pattern is slowly growing on me.  I used SquareHue Ipanema, Charming Charlie Color of the Year, and black and white Sally Hansen I ❤ Nail Art stripers for this mani.

And just because I love the effect…I added a matte top coat too.



How pretty is that?  The microglitter in Ipanema still shines through!  I love it when a shiny element is strong enough to still be that sparkly through a matte coat.  Fell in love with Ipanema all over again.

The next challenge is one with a good bit of flexibility: Funky French.

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