OMD2 challenge-Abstract

Back in high school, I loved to take art classes and so have been introduced to lots of abstract art.  But for some reason, all that came to mind for this challenge were those weird red, yellow, and blue color block things (which I found out are by Piet Mondrian).  Well, I mean, technically most nail art is ‘abstract,’ so I could have done practically anything, but I wanted to base my mani on an artwork.  Granted, I didn’t bother to look up Mondrian’s work when I started this, so my nails are only inspired by it.




As you can see, I did a pretty basic color block.  I put down my lines and filled in the color blocks from there, sticking with the primary colors like in many of Mondrian’s paintings.  Colors used were FingerPaints Paper Mache, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, FingerPaints Millefio-Red, and a Sally Hansen black striper.

Aside from a few white spots peeking through and the little smears on the pinky, this turned out really well.  I like it a lot, which was unexpected.  I’m glad I went with this idea instead of defaulting to stripes or dots again.  This might be a little weird, but I’m actually happiest with the black lines.  For the most part, they came out so clean!  That’s a rarity for me.

Next up is something a bit more representational: galaxy nails.

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