OMD2 challenge-Animal print

After my first attempt at animal print being very successful and my second being somewhat not (in my eyes), I was nervous about trying it out again.  I was positive that I couldn’t do any better than that first try.  On the other hand, I was pretty sure I couldn’t do worse than that second one.  That nervousness prompted me to try something a little different for this challenge, though, which might be a good thing.  Branching out and trying new things (almost) never hurt anyone.  Sooo…I added zebra stripes!

I kept the color scheme much simpler this time, but the use of neon is also usually a good, fun choice for animal print.  I used Kleancolor Beach Blue and FingerPaints 15 Minutes of Frame for the spots and stripes, with a background white of FingerPaints Paper Mache.  Kleancolor Black finished off the spots.





I wasn’t too sure about these zebra stripes as I was painting them, but they look pretty good after they were done.  And combined with the leopard spots, I think I made a pretty cool animal print mani.  I like it.  It is much better than that leopard print nail art that I did for the jelly challenge.  I think my leopard spots themselves are improving too.

Next challenge sort of relates to this one.  Feathers.  Yet despite the similar theme, I found myself dreading a feather challenge.

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