OMD2 challenge-Feathers

I was not feeling this challenge.  Coming off of two successful manis, I was hoping to feel some real motivation for the feather challenge, but it just didn’t happen.  I thought about going out into the backyard and grabbing a turkey feather–a bunch of wild ones were wandering around out there the other day–but a storm was rolling in and I just plain didn’t want to.  Stamping was my last option.  So I used Kleancolor Black to stamp a few feather and a peacock over Covergirl Constant Caribbean.




I still just cannot get the hang of stamping.  Two of the three feathers on the index finger didn’t fully transfer, and although both stamps transferred on the ring finger, the feather wasn’t positioned correctly and so is just sort of sitting parallel to the peacock.  Ugh, maybe I should have just skipped this challenge…

Next one has the potential to be better though!  It’s negative space, and that can sometimes look really interesting.

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