OMD2 challenge-Funky French

There are so many ways that this mani could have gone, but I once again got so overwhelmed with potential ideas that I tossed everything out the window and went for simplicity.  Well, actually, I tried out watermarbled tips again, but then tossed out that idea and all the others when it didn’t work out well.  I was dead set on using ellagee Trenzalore and Boo, You Whore! again, so when they didn’t spread well enough in the water on the first try, I moved on.  So…dots.  I went with dots.




Not especially creative, but it looks pretty.  I originally had a base color of Trenzalore with a plain tip of Boo, You Whore!, but that was boring.  And so the dots (ellagee On Wednesdays We Wear Pink) came about.  Why is it that dots are my default cover-up?  Probably because they always look okay.  I’m not complaining, because they completely salvaged this mani.  This nail art only took a few minutes, but I like it.  Dots and holos, can’t go wrong.

[EDIT 8/16/2014  The full I Have ESPN collection was recently released, and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink was changed to a lighter pink.  My version of the color is in fact also called Hear Me Roar and pre-existed the I Have ESPN collection, which is why On Wednesdays We Wear Pink was changed.  Just FYI if anyone was wondering why my color/info is different from other swatches and reviews.]


One thought on “OMD2 challenge-Funky French

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