OMD2 challenge-Galaxy

Galaxies again!  I love galaxies, they are so easy to do, difficult to mess up, and always look so pretty.  My last galaxy nail art took a decidedly nerdy turn, so I thought I should stay away from the sci-fi shows this time around.  So, after remembering a pretty pastel galaxy tutorial on The Nailasaurus, I tried my hand at that instead.




Very pretty! Not as pretty as normal galaxies, in my opinion, but it is a very nice alternative.  I could very likely try this again in the future.  To create these nails, I used Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Kleancolor Pastel Purple, Pastel Blue, and Pastel Yellow for the nebulas, and FingerPaints Paper Mache for the stars.  The shimmer that I sponged on top is Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection.  I’m glad that I added that shimmer.  It kind of pulls the whole look together.

The next challenge is another tried and true favorite: dots!

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