OMD2 challenge-Negative space

I have done a few negative space manis in the past, and I tend to like negative space nail art in general.  It’s really fun to see the ways in which negative space can be utilized in nail art, and some ladies get very creative.  Me, not so much.  I just did some stripes.




Now, I’m not knocking stripes.  In fact, the stripes here are nice.  My problem with this nail art is my nails themselves, because they are not exactly in the best shape right now.  A 31 Day Challenge followed directly by twenty-odd manis over the course of four days can do some damage!  So negative space, despite how cool it is, was possibly not the best challenge for me personally right now.  Still, I love the challenge idea so much that I couldn’t just pass it up!

I used Spoiled Lox-y Lady and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover for these stripes, by the way.

The next challenge is one that I rarely stray into with my nail art: fruit.

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