OMD2 challenge-Ombre

Ugh, ombre.  A proper ombre mani, with the whole process of mixing polishes, is a pain in my rear.  I was not going to bother with that nonsense.  Instead I took the typical shortcut and picked five premade polishes.





Okay, this isn’t actually all that bad since I didn’t have to mix my own colors.  Still pretty boring, but I wasn’t going to waste too much of my time on a type of nail art that I don’t particularly like.  I used Kleancolor Pastel Blue, Essie Avenue Maintain, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, LynBDesigns Sacre Blurple (over Konad Blue), and Zoya Sailor.  I am happy that I managed to get blues that are somewhat in the same tone range, it makes the transition between the five much better.

And let’s end this post on a good note.  Moving right along to a subject I like quite a bit better than ombre, the next challenge is chevrons.

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