OMD2 challenge-Fruit

Okay, it seems that my forays into the world of fruity nail art are even more rare than I initially thought.  Aside from the stamped limes on my margarita nails and some unposted watermelons on my toes I cannot think of any fruit nails art that I have done.  Which makes me feel even more disappointed in my efforts for this mani.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I have taken to doing an extraordinarily large amount of accents nails during this OMD2 challenge, to make things go more quickly.  In general that’s not a big deal for me, because less work is good.  But since I have never really done fruit nail art before, I wish I had gone above and beyond minimum effort here.




Still, this is pretty dang cool.  I got the idea on Pinterest, and while mine is not quite as good, I still like it.  A lot, actually.  This mani would have looked awesome if I had done strawberries on the other nails too.  Maybe one day I will.  I love strawberries enough to make this happen.

And just a heads up, this is not color accurate at all.  I used Kleancolor Red and Sinful Colors Exotic Green, and past photos of those colors should indicate that these are no good color-wise.  It was about 11pm when I was taking the photos, and I have been kicked out of my own nail room (which once again unfortunately doubles as a bedroom) so I didn’t even have access to my failure of a lightbox.  So I took some pictures in the bathroom’s lighting, tried adjusting it in Picasa, failed, and posted the pictures anyway. 😛

My serious rambles here are an indication that it is about time I give up for the night and go to bed.  No promises that I am going to get any more OMD2 challenges done before the deadline tomorrow (today?), but just in case, the next one in the lineup will be roses.


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