OMD2 challenge-Roses

I am really pushing it with these rapid fire OMD2 posts.  Only a few hours left!  So this post and my next may very well be it for my attempts at OMD2.  Unfortunately, this particular challenge did not result in an especially strong mani.  Roses are something that I don’t exactly dislike in nail art, but they also are not something that I have ever wanted to try freehanding.  Well, I tried anyway, and here is my attempt.




This really is not bad for a first attempt, although I personally do not like them.  They look like blobs of red and pink because none of my lines were cleanly painted, and I think the only reason they even resemble roses is because of the addition of the leaves.  Although there is a magical third leaf in the top right corner that seems to have inserted itself without my realizing it…

I used Fingerpains Paper Mache, Sinful Color Exotic Green, Spoiled Lox-y Lady, Kleancolor Red, and Essie Come Here! for this mani.  I really like Lox-y Lady, and have no idea why it took so long for me to try it out.  And the brush and formula were absolutely fantastic.  Definitely not what I was expecting from a polish that I bought for like $1 on a blog sale.  It definitely helps to raise my opinion of the mani as a whole.

My next (and probably final) OMD2 challenge is ‘outdoors.’  Uh, yay?

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