SIMPLES Weeks 9 and 10-Splodging and Watercolor

Apologies for yet another absence!  This one at least was much shorter, and had a good reason behind it.  I went paintballing for the first time ever a few days ago, and my left hand got hit no less than four times!  The swelling has gone down completely, but there is still one angry bruise near the base of my middle finger.  Totally worth it though!  If you have never played paintball before, go try it!

Anyway, onto the show.  I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I somehow missed the return of the SIMPLES lessons over on the Facebook page!  So since I am currently a week behind, I thought I would go ahead and do both this week’s lesson and last week’s in one post. First up is last week’s technique: splodging.

Splodging is something I have done before, but I generally go ahead and put all of my colors on a single piece of sponge and blot all at once, rotating colors as I see fit.  Which, I guess, is not really the proper way to do it, but it’s what works for me.  The Crumpet’s splodging tutorial, however, uses individual sponges for each color, and only only color is applied at a time.  I used OPI Miami Beet, Essie Fiesta, Kleancolor Pastel Pink, and SquareHue Leblon for this splodging attempt (opting for a watermelon-inspired color scheme), and this is my result.




Umm…no.  This method really did not work for me.  It was too random, and I apparently cannot see a big picture  as I work on individual colors.  The color choices themselves were also apparently not great, which probably didn’t help matters much.  I will not be trying individually splodging colors again.  Or if I do, I will dot colors directly onto the nail and smudge them around with the sponge.  No more of this nonsense application though.  I mean, wow.  Bad.  This seriously reminds me of these old wicker baskets that my mom used to have, that had these horrible flower napkins mod-podged on them.  Although that possibly does explain why they caught my mom’s eye…

But the week 10 lesson brings redemption!  The lesson was on watercolor bases, and we were encouraged to try out different watercolor techniques to find what works for us.  I personally chose to try out two of the techniques.  The first requires dotting color directly onto the background color (white in my case) and then applying acetone to those dots to sort of dilute and smear the color around.  The second is what is called a ‘color wipe‘ over on PiggieLuv.





Neither of these techniques worked out for me quite as I was expecting, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still really like how both look.  I used the same four colors for both techniques (China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, FingerPaints 15 Minutes of Frame, and Kleancolor Beach Blue), which actually works to make the two very different techniques look pretty dang good together.  The color wipe especially would look nice as a stamping background, and the dotting technique would create a potentially easier alternative to using acrylic paint to make bubbles (as I have done here).  In retrospect, it probably would have looked pretty cool to have layered the dotting technique over the color wipe.

As much as I sometimes have some really bad results, I am still really enjoying the SIMPLES lessons.  Trying new stuff, or even different ways of doing old stuff, is often a nice break from the more intense freehand nail art designs that I tend to use in challenges.  Which reminds me…this month’s Lacquer Legion post will be up in two days!

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