ALIQUID Petoskey Stone and Yooper

Well, for the first time that I can recall since I have started playing around with nail art, I have failed to complete a challenge that I said I would do.  The August ‘Weird Science’ theme for Lacquer Legion just did not work out for me.  I had a pretty good plan to have a hand for the ‘hard’ sciences and then a hand for archaeology nails–because social sciences are science too!–but I just was not feeling it that day.  I got a single ‘atom’ nail mostly done and then bowed out.

So to make up for that failure…here are some pretty polishes that I won in a giveaway hosted by ALIQUID a little while back.  Plus the petoskey stone ring (by Aimee at Wrapped Magnolia) that I also won in the giveaway!

First up is ALIQUID Lacquer Petoskey Stone, which Alison describes as “a warm grey with green, gold and brown shimmers, plus holographic sparkle.”  To me it seemed like the base color was a warm beige-y gold leaning towards grey, and combined with those shimmers and dash of holo made Petoskey Stone absolutely stunning.  My camera refused to catch the sparkle quite right, but needless to say it looked magnificent in person.  And this polish applied like a dream.  I don’t know why, but I honestly expected 3 or 4 coats to reach opaqueness despite the shop description claiming otherwise, but it only took 2!  (I of course added a third anyway, because that is my way.)





And here’s a shot with the ring!  Isn’t it cute?


The second ALIQUID polish I got from the giveaway was Yooper.  It is described as “a dark green jelly full of flecks of green, blue, gold and brown, plus holographic sparkle,” and I find that description to be completely spot on.  I mean, wow, this polish has a lot going on in a good way. It is beautiful!  I absolutely loved it, and wore it for nearly five days after I put it on (which is a pretty good run for me).  This was another two-coater too, although it’s shown here with three.





There were quite a few times where some of the flecks (the gold ones?) also looked sort of copper, and I think that was one of my favorite effects in this polish.  I kept finding myself bringing my left hand close to my face and turning it in different directions to try and find it.  I liked it best when I would get an even sheen of those flecks with the blue ones.  Gorgeous!

I was so completely impressed with both of these polishes that I went and spent a whole lot of money that I don’t have at the ALIQUID shop.  So eventually there will be more pictures of not only others from this collection, but also a few from other collections as well.  Petoskey Stone and Yooper, as well as the rest of the Two Pleasant Peninsulas collection and a heck of a lot of other pretty polishes, at the ALIQUID Lacquer shop or Etsy shop.  If you don’t yet have at least one ALIQUID Lacquer in your polish collection, go buy some now!


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