Challenge Your Nail Art, Let’s Go Camping theme: Under the Stars

After learning of this frankly awesome Facebook group last month, I asked to join in and so am now posting my first challenge mani for Challenge Your Nail Art!  The theme for August is Let’s Go Camping, and day 1’s challenge is ‘under the stars.’  (I have  no idea why, but the song ‘Under the Sea’ keeps popping into my head whenever I read ‘under the stars’)

I wasn’t quite sure where to go with this, so I used Zoya Sailor, FingerPaints Paper Mache, and Kleancolor Black to make a pretty basic silhouette/starry night scene, featuring a little guy with a telescope and another laying on a hill, pointing up at the stars.  If you look closely, you can also see the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt, plus most of the Little Dipper (although it might be slightly misshapen).



And matte:





For how quickly I slapped the polish on my nails, these nails turned out to be really cute!  I really like my little guy with the telescope and am glad that I worked some constellations into the night sky.  Especially Orion’s Belt, since the Orion constellation is my favorite (he’s a hunter!).  I wasn’t crazy enough to try and do the whole constellation, but the belt is what I usually search the night sky for anyway.  And look! My guy on the hill even looks like he’s pointing at the belt!  I just noticed that as I glanced up at one of the photos 😛

Tomorrow’s theme is a bit broader than today’s and I already have what I want to do planned out.  I hope I actually have time to follow through on it, because it could turn out to be pretty cool!

Oh, and click on the button below to go check out the other challenge manis for today!



6 thoughts on “Challenge Your Nail Art, Let’s Go Camping theme: Under the Stars

  1. I thought about adding actual constellations into my manicure at the last minute, but decided that I didn’t have the room to work them in. Im so glad that someone did! Nice work on the first post. I hope you enjoy the group.


    • Thank you! I almost didn’t both with the constellations, so I’m glad that someone likes them! Makes it worth the effort (however minimal it may have been to add a couple more dots :P)


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