Challenge Your Nail Art, Avast Ye Bilge Rats! Gold and treasure!

I had so much trouble with today’s nail art!  I went with something a bit more difficult today, and faced all sorts of problems.  First off, I messed up my stick figure silhouettes (one of them looks like a starfish!).  Second, I did the nail art last night, but since my sister now sleeps in my nail room for some reason I had to rush and ended up smearing black all down two of the nails.  Then, I spent today kayaking, which created wear on the tips.  And finally, when I got home to fix the previous mistakes, I somehow avoided smearing the black but still smeared one of the glitters onto my starfish-man.  What an ordeal!

But, even with the mistakes, these nails turned out pretty good, in my opinion.  Here’s the first version from last night:


Using the flash hid the black smears! 🙂

I have a treasure chest, two pirates sword fighting in a gold-filled cavern, two other pirates sneaking out of the cavern with a chest, and a ‘close-up’ of one of the piles of gold (complete with some 3D gemstones).  The two cavern rooms used Charming Charlie Metallic Metal, Kleancolor Gold Bright, Pure Ice Jaguar, 17 Wishing Star, and Kleancolor Black.  The index used Zoya Louise, OPI A-Piers to Be Tan, Kleancolor Gold Bright, and Kleancolor Black for the chest itself, and Pure Ice Jaguar, 365 Days of Color The Goblet, Kleancolor Red, OPI I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw, and FingerPaints Paper Mache for the treasure inside.  The pinky nail used Kleancolor Gold Bright, 17 Wishing Star, and 365 Days of Color The Goblet, with an addition of rhinestones to act as precious gems.

Here’s the mani after my attempted fix today:




The ‘diamond’ fell off during the trip down river today, but I thought the nail still looked good without it and so didn’t bother to find a replacement.  I am sad about the smeared gold glitter though, because my pirate already looks weird enough without a missing head.  Still, the challenge was gold and/or treasure, and because I do like my treasure representations, I am happy with today’s nail art.  Actually, I sort of love my index and pinky nails.  3D elements are unusual for me, but they really worked here and I am glad I chose to use them.

I have higher hopes for tomorrow’s mani though!  Treasure maps!

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