Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge, Day 4 – Halloween movie/TV inspired

It’s showtime!

That’s right kiddies, I’m ending this challenge with a bang, Beetlejuice style!  But as much as I love the movie (I own it and still watch it every time I see that it’s on tv), it was the cartoon that I really loved watching as a kid.  And occasionally as an adult.  So, instead of doing the raunchy movie Beetlejuice, I went with the animated Ghost with the Most and his goth gal pal.

I’ve of course got their iconic outfits–BJ’s black and white stripes and Lydia’s red spiderweb poncho–and tried my hand at their faces too.  Not such a range of colors today, just a lot of mixing and overlap.  There are probably too many to list, but I’m going to do it anyway:

Index- Kleancolor Black, FingerPaints Paper Mache

Middle – Revlon Bold Sangria (for the background on the face nails, since it’s like a darker version of Beetlejuice’s shirt in the show), Zoya Carey, FingerPaints Paper Mache, Kleancolor Pastel Yellow, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Kleancolor Love Affair, and Maybelline Iced Queen, Sinful Colors Pistache, Flower Go With the Flow-er, Kleancolor Black

Ring – Revlon Bold Sangria, Zoya Carey, FingerPaints Paper Mache, Kleancolor Black, Maybelline Iced Queen, FingerPaints Millefio-Red

Pinky –  FingerPaints Millefio-Red, Kleancolor Black

And now if you’ve made it this far…

Though I know I should be wary,

Still I venture someplace scary;

Ghostly haunting I turn loose …

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!




Heh, I am having entirely too much fun with this.  But how can you not have fun with a Beetlejuice post?  I’m really in such a good mood thanks to how these turned out and it’s clearly showing in my post.  I’m sort of giddy, I’m so pleased.  I was so worried when I started that they wouldn’t look like the actual characters, but then when I put the top coat on and looked at the finished product…I can’t stop grinning.  I don’t remember the last time I liked my own nail art this much.  Or, ya know, maybe the Halloween spirit is infectious and I’m just enjoying the holiday. 😛 (Yeah, it’s probably that.  Even if I don’t have any candy…)

And as with the last two posts, I added a matte coat out of curiosity (and frankly, experience at this point).




Surprisingly, this is one of those rare occasions where I prefer the shiny to the matte.  Not that the matte doesn’t look cool too, but there’s something about the shine that’s appealing to me tonight.

So, despite the ups and downs, this was a really fun challenge!  Looking back, there’s only a single nail out of the four manis that I outright don’t like.  I definitely call that a good run! 😀


Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge, Day 3-Villains

Halloween villains…there were so many things that I could have done today, and I almost resorted to stamping just to get something on my nails.  Even though I hate stamping.  It took a while, but I finally made the decision to stray to Halloween movie villains instead of the traditional witches, ghouls, vampires, etcetera.  That of course means I turned toward The Nightmare Before Christmas.

So!  I made an attempt at the one and only Oogie Boogie!  I already had ALIQUID Day Shall Come Again on my nails, so I just used that as my background color.  The main color for his head is Flower Go With the Flow-er, and details were done with Kleancolor Black and No7 Beanie.




I was pretty pleased with how he turned out, so I thought maybe it couldn’t hurt to add Lock, Shock, and Barrel too, since I definitely consider them villains in this movie too.

There were a bit more polishes used on these three nails.  For all face details on the masks I used Kleancolor Concrete Gray, FingerPaints Paper Mache, and Zoya Carey.  For Lock’s mask I used Essie In Stitches (lightened with Paper Mache) and Kleancolor Dark Red for his hair and shirt.  Shock’s mask was made with Sinful Colors Pistache (again lightened with Paper Mache), her hat with Kleancolor Love Affair, and her hair with Concrete Gray.  And last (but not least?) is Barrel.  His mask was a mix of Carey and Model’s Own Blueberry Muffin, with Go With the Flow-er for his teeth.  His hair was a mix of Carey and Poppy Polish Olive You, and I used Love Affair for his shirt.

And so here they are:




They were a bit more difficult since, ya know, they aren’t a burlap sack, but I think they at least look recognizable.  If a little bit creepier than they looked in the movie (which is really saying something, especially where Barrel is concerned).  I actually do like how they turned out, even if they are kind of ugly characters.  I guess this mani is more cool than cute, and I am definitely okay with that.

And just for the heck of it, I added a matte coat.  My opinion on this probably isn’t much of a surprise, but I thought the matte coat did pull things together well.  Seriously though, when do I ever not prefer matte to shiny?




And that’s that.  Three days down and only one to go!


Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge, Day 2 – Pumpkin faces

Wow.  Any good feelings I had coming off of yesterday’s challenge went down the drain after today’s disaster.  As soon as I saw the mani that Jacki (from Adventures in Acetone) did for Lacquer Legion’s ‘After Dark’ theme a few days ago, I knew I wanted to try it.  And when better to do that than on a challenge day that celebrates Jack-o-lanterns?  Well, the better time would have been never.

Okay, maybe ‘disaster’ is a strong word.  But my faces are derpy.  That’s all there is to it.  I couldn’t even think of a better way to describe them, I’m so annoyed.  I was under no delusions that mine would look anywhere near as good as Jacki’s, but dang.  Just look at the one on my index finger!  The two middle ones look like they might be somewhat okay, but they aren’t quite enough to redeem this mani.




Not even adding a matte coat made it look good, although it is better.




Actually, the two middle fingers are looking kind of good now.  Maybe they are enough to redeem this… Huh.  It’s growing on me even as I write this post.  I really wasn’t expecting that.  Guess it’s not so bad.  Excluding the index finger, I’m actually sort of liking this now.  The ring finger especially looks kind of cool.  By the way, I put down a coat of FingerPaints Paper Mache and a coat of Seventeen Bright Orange for this, and painted out the details with Sally Hansen Black Out.

Wishy-washy feelings about my own mani aside, there are some pretty cool ones done by the other ladies of the group.  Be sure to check them out!


Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween Challenge! Day 1-Classic Orange and Black

Today marks the start of another Challenge Your Nail Art challenge, and of course it’s Halloween themed this month!

Things are starting off a little slow for me with this challenge.  I had so many ideas floating around in my head, but they were all either really simple or really annoying, and I had to toss them out.  Finally, finally, I decided to keep things simple but with a tiny little Halloween twist.

So, using Sally Hansen Black Out, Color Carnival by Seventeen Bright Orange, and a little FingerPaints Paper Mache, I did some Halloween French tips with creepy critters!  Pretty sure they are all self-explanatory, but just in case they’re not, I have a cat, a bat, a ghost, and a spider.  I was going to do a rat instead of a ghost to keep with the black critter theme, but…rats are icky.  Well, not all rats.  But those scary, mean-looking ones you see in Halloween art are.  Plus the ghost adds a nice pop of white.




These are so cute!  I hate to take them off for tomorrow’s challenge.  But if I have time I might redo them on all ten nails for Halloween.  That is, if I don’t come up with a better design over the next few days of the challenge!

As always, don’t forget to go check out the manis that the other ladies did for today’s prompt!

Double post! Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge Week 4-Green, and Lacquer Legion October theme-After Dark

Wow, okay, so I am way late for week 4 of the Blogger Bragger challenge.  In my defense…I just didn’t feel like doing it.  This PhD work is just starting, and already it’s really tiring.  So much so that I find myself struggling to do my nails.  Which I find just sad.  Plus, I broke three of my nails and had to trim them all down more than I would have liked, which, ya know, also made me sad.  But going through the gallery on PiggieLuv pulled me out of my slump and gave me inspiration to complete the week’s theme and post it, even if it is two days past the week’s deadline.

Anyway, this is the post on PiggieLuv that I just had to try.  It looked so cool, and gradients are something I can do, so why not?  My green polishes were Sinful Colors Pistache, Sinful Colors Exotic Green, and some no-name cheap green that I use all the time in nail art.  My white is FingerPaints Paper Mache, and the dark outline for the path is Essie Stylenomics.





Pretty, right?  The gradient turned out really well, and the path looks good too.  Very happy with how it turned out.  I really liked it and was actually disappointed when I had to take it off in favor of today’s other mani.

Today’s other mani being, of course, my Lacquer Legion nail art.  This month’s theme is ‘After Dark,’ and honestly wasn’t one that I was too keen on doing.  But since I had skipped the August theme and unintentionally missed the September one, I thought I should try to do something for this month.  Well, it’s not my best or most creative work, but I had fun with it.  I used Sally Hansen Black Out, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Kleancolor Concrete Gray, Zoya Carey, China Glaze White on White, Orly Glowstick, and what I think is Essie Bobbing for Baubles (the label is missing, so don’t quote me on that).

Now let’s get this show on the road…


What’s more stereotypical of a Halloween night than a haunted house?  And it looks like someone’s been dared to go inside!  He’s sure not the brightest bulb is he?  As it turns out, neither is his flashlight.  He’s left alone and afraid in the dark, at the mercy of the creature that haunts the house.




And I’ll just leave the ending up to you, yeah?  I favor a happy one myself.  Don’t like scary stories or their horrible endings. 😛


SIMPLES Week 14-Gradient with dots

To finish things off with the most recent dotting section of our lessons, Debbie has us doing dots over a gradient.  As much as I like dots, I’m sort of glad to see the tail end of them in SIMPLES for a while.  I do dots so very often because they are easy, but I have been seriously slacking in my nail art lately by taking the easy way out.  So this will hopefully be my last dotticure for a couple of weeks.

Now this one I am sort of iffy about.  I used Girly Bits D!ck in a Box and Dollish Polish Totes Magotes! for the gradient, but anyone who has ever used two remotely similar holos together can tell you that they sometimes don’t contrast each other enough.  These two actually aren’t that similar, but the thin coats that come with making a gradient mean that Totes Magotes! didn’t fully come into its own, and got sort of lost next to D!ck in a Box.

The effect looks quite nice in person, but the subtle differences in the colors didn’t photograph well.  That’s why I’m iffy.  It is definitely pretty as I look at it, but it doesn’t even look like a gradient in the pictures.

Anyway, here’s the mani.  In addition to the holos I used Kleancolor Black for the dots.






I tried to find the green of Totes Magotes! and I was mildly successful.  You can sort of see the gradient, but you do really have to look for it.  I like my dots though.  Definitely getting better at placement.  So, overall opinion on this…I like it in person, but not so much in photos.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all!

Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge, Week 3-Yellow

Another week of the Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge done!  I’m a day late this week, but I blame it on actually doing work instead of my nails.  Not such a bad excuse.

Anyway, this week’s prompt was yellow, which is not a color that I particularly like.  I only own five yellows, and since one of those is Orly Glowstick I only really had four choices for this challenge.  I decided the best choice for an autumn challenge was Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, which is actually a nice shade of yellow.  Also used were Essie Meet Me at Sunset and Zoya Louise.

The nail art itself was inspired by a recent post on Be Happy and Buy Polish, where Jessica gives a bunch of ideas on how to turn work-friendly nails into fun nail art.  I think it’s fairly obvious which one I was inspired by, but just to point it out, it’s the look done with ALIQUID polishes.  This look is neat and so shiny, and I kind of love it.

Here’s my fall version of it, with my yellow polish as the main feature:





I am really happy with this mani!  These colors are not ones that I would typically wear together outside of autumn, but they do make a striking bit of nail art.  My eyes keep getting drawn to my hands thanks to that yellow, and I really don’t find myself minding the distraction one bit.