Dragonspell melted my gold!

Yeah, I know, corny post title.  But in my defense, it’s been a while since I had one!

Anyway, you know how I mentioned way back in August that I had bought a bunch of ALIQUID Lacquers and that one day I would show them all off?  Well, that’s still not happening because, as it turns out, they are all really pretty and instead of swatching and removing, I end up wearing the polishes for days each.  But, a few days ago I decided to wear Dragonspell, and it’s such an unusual polish that I wanted to do some nail art on top of it.  I’m not quite sure what made me choose to use gold, but I knew from the start that I was going to do paint drips/slime.  Then as I was working on the second one I realized…I just put gold paint drips on top of a dragon-themed polish.   Molten gold!

First off, here’s Dragonspell.  It is described as a “hypnotizing amber jelly polish with gold flakes and green shimmer.”  I love the green shimmer.  It was hard to see without any sunlight in this dreary country, but I did enjoy a nice surprise whenever I managed to find it.  What surprised me most about this was that it only needed two coats!  I really shouldn’t be surprised by that at this point, but I honestly though it was going to take about four.  I did a third coat for the heck of it, of course, but it really did only need two.






And now for the nail art.  I used Kleancolor Gold Bright for the molten gold, and that’s all she wrote.




Not my best work ever, but after making the connection between ‘dragon’ and ‘gold,’ I have to admit I like it.  Besides, how could I not like nail art done over Dragonspell?  It is seriously an awesome polish.  I’ve been amazed by all of the ALIQUID polishes that I have tried so far, but this one really stands out to me.  It is completely unique and I am so glad that I bought it.

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