SIMPLES Week 12-Dots over splodging

Another post for the SIMPLES Facebook group!  We’re now on lesson number 12, and this is the first week that Debbie has us combining techniques we have learned in the past.  There was no tutorial video this week since we have already learned the individual techniques, but she did give written tips on making a dotticure over a saran wrap or splodged base.

I chose a splodged base for my nails.  I actually liked it so much that I wore it for a couple of days before I added my dots.  FingerPaints Paper Mache acted as my white background, and I splodged with combinations of Paper Mache and Zoya Carey, and Paper Mache and Barry M Kiwi.  Kiwi didn’t photograph very well, it’s actually more vibrant and a bit darker in person, if that makes sense.  It looks very green here, and while it does lean heavily towards green in person, it is definitely a teal in my books.




I eventually did get around to adding the dots, and yet again tortured myself with orderly dots.  I apparently like them much more than I want to admit, because I keep coming back to them.




I like this dotticure.  Like, not love.  I had some major issues with placement and size of the dots, so it is actually very messy.  The sheer number of dots hides most of the mistakes though, so the overall look is pretty.  I really wish that my camera had captured Kiwi properly though, because it is definitely the best part of this mani.  I think that once I have this dorm room organized, I’m going to need to change my current light setup.  Maybe then I can actually get my colors to photograph correctly.

Oh, and guys!  This is my first time doing it, but I’m linking this post up to My Stunning Nails’ 2-for-Tuesday!  I have wanted to do it before, but it surprisingly rare for me to post on a Tuesday.  Lisa does some pretty cool stuff and also runs the Blogger Bragger group, which is hosting the Autumn Nail Art Challenge that I am currently participating in.  Go check her out if you haven’t already!

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