SIMPLES week 13-Skittled dotticure

Another SIMPLES mani today!  This one is another that doesn’t have a tutorial per se, but there are plenty of examples shown on Debbie’s post.  I went with a fairly straightforward approach (surprise surprise) and did different colored dots over the same neutral base color.  I even went with random dots instead of orderly ones this time!  Ya know, to go with the craziness of a multicolored skittle mani…

I used Flower Go With the Flow-er as my base, then did my dots with Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Essie Come Here, Barry M Kiwi, and Kleancolor Neon Purple.




The quality of my photos makes me sad, because this was such a fun, vibrant look in person.  It still looks nice here, but the colors just don’t pop as well.  Once again Kiwi and my camera duked it out, and once again my camera was not victorious.  If you happen to have seen swatches of that color, then I’m sure you can imagine how awesome this must have looked in person!

I figured though, since my camera just wasn’t getting the vibrancy of the colors…why not make it matte?  Haven’t done that in a while!




This is so much better!  Kiwi still isn’t quite there, but I like it better in the matte version of this mani than in the shiny.  So yay, success!

I also somehow managed to actually get this done for Tuesday, so I’m linking up to 2-for-Tuesday again!


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