Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge, Week 3-Yellow

Another week of the Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge done!  I’m a day late this week, but I blame it on actually doing work instead of my nails.  Not such a bad excuse.

Anyway, this week’s prompt was yellow, which is not a color that I particularly like.  I only own five yellows, and since one of those is Orly Glowstick I only really had four choices for this challenge.  I decided the best choice for an autumn challenge was Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, which is actually a nice shade of yellow.  Also used were Essie Meet Me at Sunset and Zoya Louise.

The nail art itself was inspired by a recent post on Be Happy and Buy Polish, where Jessica gives a bunch of ideas on how to turn work-friendly nails into fun nail art.  I think it’s fairly obvious which one I was inspired by, but just to point it out, it’s the look done with ALIQUID polishes.  This look is neat and so shiny, and I kind of love it.

Here’s my fall version of it, with my yellow polish as the main feature:





I am really happy with this mani!  These colors are not ones that I would typically wear together outside of autumn, but they do make a striking bit of nail art.  My eyes keep getting drawn to my hands thanks to that yellow, and I really don’t find myself minding the distraction one bit.


4 thoughts on “Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge, Week 3-Yellow

    • Thank you! For both the nice comments and the idea! I wouldn’t have known what to do for the yellow if I hadn’t seen your post. I’m definitely going to be trying this again with shinier polishes. 🙂


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