SIMPLES Week 14-Gradient with dots

To finish things off with the most recent dotting section of our lessons, Debbie has us doing dots over a gradient.  As much as I like dots, I’m sort of glad to see the tail end of them in SIMPLES for a while.  I do dots so very often because they are easy, but I have been seriously slacking in my nail art lately by taking the easy way out.  So this will hopefully be my last dotticure for a couple of weeks.

Now this one I am sort of iffy about.  I used Girly Bits D!ck in a Box and Dollish Polish Totes Magotes! for the gradient, but anyone who has ever used two remotely similar holos together can tell you that they sometimes don’t contrast each other enough.  These two actually aren’t that similar, but the thin coats that come with making a gradient mean that Totes Magotes! didn’t fully come into its own, and got sort of lost next to D!ck in a Box.

The effect looks quite nice in person, but the subtle differences in the colors didn’t photograph well.  That’s why I’m iffy.  It is definitely pretty as I look at it, but it doesn’t even look like a gradient in the pictures.

Anyway, here’s the mani.  In addition to the holos I used Kleancolor Black for the dots.






I tried to find the green of Totes Magotes! and I was mildly successful.  You can sort of see the gradient, but you do really have to look for it.  I like my dots though.  Definitely getting better at placement.  So, overall opinion on this…I like it in person, but not so much in photos.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all!

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