Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween Challenge! Day 1-Classic Orange and Black

Today marks the start of another Challenge Your Nail Art challenge, and of course it’s Halloween themed this month!

Things are starting off a little slow for me with this challenge.  I had so many ideas floating around in my head, but they were all either really simple or really annoying, and I had to toss them out.  Finally, finally, I decided to keep things simple but with a tiny little Halloween twist.

So, using Sally Hansen Black Out, Color Carnival by Seventeen Bright Orange, and a little FingerPaints Paper Mache, I did some Halloween French tips with creepy critters!  Pretty sure they are all self-explanatory, but just in case they’re not, I have a cat, a bat, a ghost, and a spider.  I was going to do a rat instead of a ghost to keep with the black critter theme, but…rats are icky.  Well, not all rats.  But those scary, mean-looking ones you see in Halloween art are.  Plus the ghost adds a nice pop of white.




These are so cute!  I hate to take them off for tomorrow’s challenge.  But if I have time I might redo them on all ten nails for Halloween.  That is, if I don’t come up with a better design over the next few days of the challenge!

As always, don’t forget to go check out the manis that the other ladies did for today’s prompt!

8 thoughts on “Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween Challenge! Day 1-Classic Orange and Black

    • Thank you! The cat was actually really easy to do. I found a tutorial on pinterest that basically said make a large dot, then make a line from the center of the circle to the nail tip. From there all you have to do is the body shape, making the base wider and tapering into the neck. Add ears and tail, and you’re done! Aside from the ghost, it was probably the easiest of the bunch 🙂


    • Aww, come on now. Some pet rats can be cute. As long as they belong to someone else and don’t have to come home with me. 😛 And thank you! Glad you like the bit of white too 🙂


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